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Friday October 27th, 2023

Venue: Fifty Eight

Black Coffee's Official After Party with Dj Merlon. This summer season, Dj Merlon had an unforgettable back-to-back set with Black Coffee at the world-renowned Hi Ibiza. Get ready for a spine-tingling night of music and mayhem as we continue the party with one of South Africa's top DJs/producers at Fifty Eight."

From then on his life was never quite the same; this musical prodigy was destined for great things. He graduate getting his Operations/ Production Management Diploma in 2005. Later that year (2005), ‘DJ Merlon’ joined forces and went on to assist ‘Zakes Bantwini’ when he started his Music label, ‘Mayonie Production’. In that midst, Mayonie Productions discovered and signed ‘Lvovo Derrango’ early in 2006 and Merlon become his Tour Manager’, DJ and opening Act. During his time at Mayonie Productions DJ Merlon was presented with
an exclusive opportunity, he was one of the people whom were in the forefront in the making of ‘Lvovo Derrango’s first studio album’. This opportunity led him to work closely with a group called ‘Shana’ ‘(Shota, Demor and BlackCoffee)’. In 2007 parallel to his DJ career he became an Artist Manager for Lvovo Derrango and later for all Mayonie Productions Artists including ‘Zakes Bantwini’, ‘Beezory’ and the late ‘DJ Buddah’.


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