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chuck tangent

release date: August 29, 2020
podcast 001

Staple in the Puerto Rican electronic music scene since 1998, born in Santurce but currently living in Panama, where his family is from. Starting off as a DnB, Idm and downtempo dj in Miami where he was a lounge resident at the infamous Beatcamp weekly while traveling to PR and playing at the first big raves in the early days of the scene. Used to run Etihad Records releasing experimental electronics until a love of UK styles inspired a move to London where he set up Amalgama Records that went on to host Broken Beats events in PR and US while releasing music from his contemporaries. A blend of UK and latin rhythms took him to perform in Detroit including DEMF and across the US. In 2008 He set up Red Shield Records to release music and introduce more underground styles of music pushing techno, electro, all variants of house, minimal to Juke and UK bass. Seminal weeklies in the original Candela Bar in 2003 to Oleo, Showtime, Vatican and finally opening the Red Shield Club in 2010 that brought the freshest sounds and talents from around the globe ahead of trends. As of late performing Live PA´s and monthlies in Moloko, Panama among other places in the city while releasing music from Puerto Rican an Panamanian artist. In 2020 He will be releasing new music as Vert y Entes, Chuck Tangent and JMR while launching a new creative outlet under the guise of the Tonality Agency.  His sets span many different genres but maintaining a soulful, jazzy with latin touch with intricate percussive elements and heavy syncopated rhythms. When he is not in the studio he is creating brands to fund his love of records, synths and drum machines.


pao roche

release date: September 12, 2020
podcast 002

Pao Roche is a techno and house music selector, born and raised in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, and now based in Los Angeles. He became known in the local electronic music scene for his story-telling style with a combination of profound musical knowledge, professionalism, and a meticulous collection: sharing deep, organic, melodic, and emotional sets. Pao embraces the dancefloor with an energetic and humble approach carrying forward thinking music every time. He has had the opportunity to play in the best festivals and clubs in cities like San juan, Los Angeles, Las vegas Salt Lake City and shared stages with the best local & international talents artists like Dj Tennis, Bedouin, Ellen Alien, Shaun Reeves, David Mayer, Pleasure Kraft and many more.  

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carlos alkalina

release date: October 18, 2020
podcast 003

Alkalina's story is one that spans a decade of making forward strides in the Electronic Music Scene in NYC and Puerto Rico. During his dj career hes been involved with Minimal-Tech, Techno, House, Deep House, Tech-House and Minimal House. His music selection and sequence of sounds while mixing are very unique on the dancefloor. He's put his stamp on some rather interesting Music Festivals like Movement and EDC in his home town of San Juan and top notch Clubs like Output | Panther Room, Good Room (NYC), Trade (Miami), Flash (DC), Stereo (Montreal) La Feria (Chile) and Sisyphos (Berlin) to say the least. In 2013 Audiolism NY was born In Brooklyn and up to date its been a successful series of music nights under his wing.

*THIS PODCAST WAS RECORDED AT #DAYONE New Years Eve Event - January 1st, 2020 at San Juan Puerto Rico 


natalia roth

release date: Sept 4, 2021
podcast 004

Puerto Rico born DJ, Vocalist and Producer, Natalia Roth set in motion this life path in 2014. Never afraid to take risks and always looking for new musical changes, Natalia’s passion started at an early age learning to play piano and guitar. In time, her commitment for music lead to writing poems, followed by songwriting.

Her desire to dive into the underground dance music realm was inspired by countless nights of wandering through techno raves in Puerto Rico. She caught herself attracted to the alterations of atmosphere on the dance floor, studying the variation of emotions. Natalia’s curiosity got her to the booth and eventually to the studio. She discovered a new way of expressing herself through music.

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