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Saturday July 06 , 2024

Venue: Fifty Eight

‎Cocodrills - Apple Music

COCODRILLS live at Silo, Brooklyn NY (New Years Day) January 1, 2024 by COCODRILLS (

Cocodrills Tracklists Overview (

"Mark your calendars for an unmissable event at Fifty Eight in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday, July 6th, featuring COCODRILLS. Get ready for an evening jam-packed with captivating beats, feel-good vibes, and an energy level that'll keep you moving all night long. 

Cocodrills, the legends of tropical tech house, are finally arriving in Puerto Rico! After being resident DJs at Club Space for years and conquering Miami's most popular pool parties, they bring us their unique groove. They're coming to celebrate the 4th of July weekend with us.

Where they're from or how they grew up is entirely irrelevant. When they started off and what their influences were are inconsequential. Listing the popular venues they've played or name dropping artists that support them would be disingenuous. This is because a short anecdotal paragraph loaded with DJ/producer cliches wouldn't do their style, or their sound, any justice. The Cocodrills (Christian "Pridef" Diaz, Adam Cruz) pride themselves on creating a unique musical experience, which can only be just that; experienced. But make sure to leave your pretense at the door 'cause you won't find any bullshit at one of their parties; only funky grooves, positive vibes, and rampant debauchery. And while they don't claim to have reinvented the wheel, they do like to take that wheel down the road of sound for a ride so wild it wakes up the next morning with no tread smelling of burnt rubber and a wondrous sense of "let's do that again!". Act accordingly.

*Purchase Tickets Online in advance to guarantee entry.

*Bar Serves Alcohol Until 5:00am.

*Inquires and table reservations:

Local Talent_  JOSH CROSS + CARLOS LOZADA + Surprise Guest 

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