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Green Velvet

Saturday October 15th, 2022

at La Marqueta 



#13 Dj In The World Alternative Top 100 DJs 2021, powered by Beatport |

Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound.

‘La La Land’ went on to become by far the biggest selling track of his career. His live act expanded as he began playing a keytar, with two other musicians – Nazuk and Spaceboy – backing him, playing heavily distorted synths.

The last decade also saw Green Velvet become a fan favorite across Europe, playing to huge crowds at festivals in addition to live radio appearances and club gigs. Numerous side projects and remixes under various names also added to his seemingly nonstop musical output.

In 2005, Green Velvet released his third album, ‘Walk In Love’, which stayed true to the House sound, with a few pop and punk-oriented tracks for good measure, including ‘Come Back’ and ‘Pin-Up Girl’ both of which featured a live guitarist.

The ongoing evolution in the music, career and life of the artist born Curtis Alan Jones in Chicago has been and will continue to be fascinating to watch and experience for his many followers.

Opening Acts: Gabriel Luque + Madcimiliano + Carlos Lozada 


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