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Thursday November 11th, 2021




ft. Sonja Moonear 

(Perlon - Switzerland) 

* alongside MEHR (Bacteria Records)

The new techno era is definitely taken over by women and we’re proudly encouraging the movement  Girls Love Techno arrives at @fiftyeight : We're opening a space for underground music, with unique sounds & radical performances... A new event series that brings top female talents from around the world. 

Time to get funky and dance to the hottest line up. You can't miss it.

​Sonja was born in the Swiss Mountains in autumn 78. At the young age of four, she got in touch with her 1st instrument: the piano. Aside her classical music studies, she was on the search for other musical styles. As a depeche mode and david bowie young teenage fan in the late 80's, she was a bit out of her time. With the wonderful discovery of KLF, acid music sounds and Electro rythmics she did while visiting underground and open-air parties all over Switzerland and Germany, she dived into the whirl of electronic music.

In the mid-nineteens, when the rave syndroma turned into a tasteless carnival, she devoted herself to weird parties organizations in several Geneva's squatts during 3 years alongside the Mentalgroove crew. From djing to cleaning the floor after the chaos. At this time she gave up her piano studies for a new bought Roland R8, started to get professional bookings (Weetamix, Usine…) and to search for silence.

Girls Love Techno_NOV 11- Sonja Moonear.jpg
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