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POSTPONE - tINI cancelled USA Tour because had problems with the VISA revocation. Working on her new date, more info soon...

Thursday December 2nd, 2021 at FIFTY EIGHT



ft. tINI 

Part Of The Gang Records

The new techno era is definitely taken over by women and we’re proudly encouraging the movement  Girls Love Techno arrives at @fiftyeight : We're opening a space for underground music, with unique sounds & radical performances... A new event series that brings top female talents from around the world. 

Time to get funky and dance to the hottest line up. You can't miss it.

As one of Munich’s finest exports, tINI has been carving out her own musical path already from a very early age. Her interest in different rhythms and music styles was always widespread, learning how to play the drums from her dad and listening to New wave and Indie till she later finds herself as a collector of underground Hip Hop Vinyl in the mid 90ies and having her first attempts in mixing those. She is now widely regarded as a female key figure in the world of underground house and techno music.


Starting her electronic DJ career in 2003 by hosting her own "tINI All Night Long" events in Munich and several residencies, it wasn't long till she was then touring the globe as a support DJ for some major artists and later criss-crossing the planet as a solo artist in her own right, which she has done ever since. After launching her tINI and the Gang events and brand in 2010, she earned herself a glittering reputation as a widely-respected artist and promoter with a good heart, extensive vinyl collection, exemplary DJ skills and a killer discography.


Girls Love Techno_Dec2_tINI.jpg
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